Velodyne’s Puck lidar sensor

Velodyne’s Puck lidar sensor (previously VLP-16) is the highest-value sensor on the market. The Puck™’s reliability, power efficiency, and surround view make it the ideal solution for affordable low-speed autonomy and driver assistance applications.

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  • 100 m range with compact form factor
  • Proven 905 nm tech, with largest install base
  • Top-of-the-line field-of-view
  • Best-in-class accuracy and calibrated intensity
  • Best-in-class power and temperature range
  • Sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation feature
  • Optional, enhanced short range detection
  • Versatile, with attractive volume pricing
  • Dual Returns


A Smart, Powerful Lidar Solution

The Puck is a small, compact lidar that is optimized for usage across a variety of applications, including automotive, mapping, robotics, security, smart cities and more.


Dual Returns

Velodyne sensors support a dual return mode that enables lidar applications to more accurately capture the details of complex environments, such as forests, infrastructure and buildings, which contain scattered small objects and non-opaque surfaces. A significant advantage over single returns alone, providing the user with multiple returns greatly increases the number of useable points available to map or navigate any setting. This feature enables Velodyne’s sensors to deliver the precise 3D image data needed for insights to advance efficiency, safety, sustainability and more.