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To deploy modern and high-tech techniques into agriculture to improve production output with resources utilization, and exploit sensors and other IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to create a more efficient operation

World Trend

World population is expected to reach about 10 billion by Year 2050. With such increase, an estimated 100 hectares of new land will be needed to grow enough food to feed this population

Environment Issue

Due to climate change, contaminated environment and shortage of fresh water, these will affect the supply of food for global population

The Belt and Road

Belt and Road Initiative was proposed the agricultural cooperation that has started to flourish among countries. The Initiative collectively establish the Agricultural Education & Technology Innovation Alliance. The Alliance plans to co-host forums on a regular basis to keep enhancing agricultural cooperation

InnoTech Agriculture

Evolving with enhanced digital tools launching & significant technology advancements to develop in-field sensor and automation system
Combines advanced technologies such as machine learning, data analytics and predictive algorithms to create new value for farmers


Grow More with Resources Utilization and Sustainable

AI Analytics

Data Science

Growth Monitoring


Climate Detection

Environmental Sustainability

Optimal Profiles

Nutrient Efficiency


Agriculture Monitoring System

Access the cloud to have dashboard including the real time and historical data

Plant Monitoring System

Monitor different stages of plant growth and health

Wireless Soil Sensor

Measure the moisture, temperature and EC value of the soil and transmit the data to cloud via wireless interface

Weather Monitor

Real time remotely monitoring the temperature, humidity, pressure and ambient light

CO2 Detector

Detect the concentration level of CO2

Growth Lighting

Provide plant-specific and adjustable Eco-LED lighting for plant growth

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